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Innolytics Group

What we do?

We love new things and ideas. We believe that innovations are the key tool to create extraordinary success. We believe that innovations are what markets and what consumers want and what makes the world better.


And yet too many innovations fail. Why? In most cases, 

because of poor decisions based on partial and wrongly interpreted data. 


Our task is to change this status quo. To get all the relevant knowledge to identify opportunities, develop efficiently or buy innovative solutions and protect them. 

Because knowledge allows to

Predict Your Success



Based on the potential of a given technology and competitive landscape.



Step Ahead From Competitors


Identifying the weaknesses and strengths of competitors, intentions of their innovation, strategic changes in their core technologies, and industry opportunities.


Focus on Most Profitable Technological Areas


Identify the areas that have the highest potential, and predict the scenarios of technology development. Evaluate the commercial value of patents in different markets. Get a market assessment of your portfolio of patents and evaluate your competitors.


Monitor the Future Needs of the Market


Identify new markets and predict consumers’ potential needs in order to make successful strategic decisions. Learn about the intentions of your competitors' development.


Identify Technological Risks



Predict industries' development scenarios, monitor IP activity of your competitors and identify related risks to prevent a technological crisis.


Ensure Fast and Efficient Product Development


Create multi-functional and unique products, get the best solutions to improve your products, identify bottlenecks of solutions of your competitors. 

Identify Technological Opportunities

Discover fast-growing technologies that can dominate the market in the future.

Timely plan to improve and introduce new products and services to the market or internal changes in production and other business processes.

Find the best directions for R&D

Identify the intentions of rival companies, decide on the priority areas of research and development (R&D), improve design and technology, and predict the competitive environment.


Get the 360 degrees understanding of the market



Innovations make current markets highly dynamic. We use top analytical tools and databases to ensure comprehensive analysis and understanding of technologies and markets development. 

Including VC investments, technology research grants, and curated tech news content.

Develop Partnership Strategy

Find out the key partners of rival companies and determine the direction of company development and ways of optimizing its technological processes.

Win New Promising Markets


Discover new market opportunities, and get an understanding of the future markets. Respectively, plan and implement growth strategies to develop new markets and expand your business.

Plan a market expansion strategy before your current market starts to "flatten" and "fall".

What services we offer?

Innolytics for R&D



We support R&D teams with relevant patent and technical data allowing them to find a right direction and define a right set of requirements for their products. Or justify giving up some idea, if a conceptual domain is already too competitive or is not so promising before any substantial investments are made. Perform Patentability and Freedom to operate searches.

Market and competitive intelligence


Patent and technical databases reveal the hidden part of markets, let you discover in details real strategies and priorities of competitors, details about their design and technical solutions, their teams, collaborations, acquisitions, target markets and other important data.

Innolytics for Investors



We help our clients to understand general dynamics of specific technology domains, identify the right targets for investment, choose from alternatives available, and decrease investment risks by identifying possible legal and technical competition threats. IP and market landscape monitoring helps to identify possible opportunities and threats for their existing investments.

Rethinking business


We do customized research for our clients to identify technological trends and develop new solutions for their businesses. So that they could benefit from technological innovations, protect and develop their business and their market position. We also help to find technical solutions for specific technical tasks, to improve existing products and services.