Innolytics for R&D

“Fail fast and fail often” ... to get most relevant results from your R&D and succeed!


We offer to take this statement to its extreme. We convince our clients to test their hypothesis at the earliest stages of their development.


Meaning we propose to test them as soon as such hypothesis can be described in words, prior to any further efforts and investments. We consider it far too expensive to spend months of time on R&D just to find out that a solution under development was already patented or that it is not competitive in target markets.


On the other hand, immediate support of your team with relevant patent and technical data allows you to find a right direction and define a right set of requirements to your product.


Or even justify giving up some idea if a conceptual domain is already too competitive or is not so promising before any substantial investments are made. And free up your resources to develop new highly relevant and competitive solutions.


We can also offer to start from the opposite. If there is a task and solutions are not yet identified, we can analyze international patent and science databases to find them.


Another option is to decompose a complex solution (say, "Amazon Store") of interest to its underlying technologies and respective patents.


Patentability and Freedom to operate searches can be performed at any stage required by the Client.


All reports are highly customized to clients’ needs and specific technical tasks.