What services we offer?

Market and competitive intelligence


Patent and technical databases reveal the hidden part of markets, let you discover in details real strategies and priorities of competitors, details about their design and technical solutions, their teams, collaborations, acquisitions, target markets and other important data. Patent and technical databases are well structured and allow convenient analysis of large amounts of documents to make statistical overviews, conclusions and forecasts.

Innolytics for R&D


We support R&D teams with relevant patent and technical data allowing them to find a right direction and define a right set of requirements for their products. Or justify giving up some idea, if a conceptual domain is already too competitive or is not so promising before any substantial investments are made. Perform Patentability and Freedom to operate searches.

Innolytics for Investors

We help our clients to understand general dynamics of specific technology domains, identify the right targets for investment, choose from alternatives available, and decrease investment risks by identifying possible legal and technical competition threats. We monitor for them IP and market landscape to identify possible opportunities and threats for their existing investments.

Rethinking business


We do customized research for our clients to identify technological trends and develop new solutions for their businesses. So that they could benefit from technological innovations, protect and develop their business and their market position. We also help to find technical solutions for specific technical tasks, to improve existing products and services.


Semantic Map of 2 competing patents portfolios, (2010-2017 period)
2010- 1700 records, 2017 - 34,200 records, Derwent Innovation Data
Each dot represents one record, landscape - concentration of records in relative conceptual topics in 2017