Drones for precision agriculture report

Innolytics for Investors. Food security is one of the major global challenges. The importance of solutions, which can address this challenge is substantially increasing, as well as the amount of investments in the field.

One of the rapidly developing domains related to precision agriculture are specialized drones.

The volume of patents in this field is growing since 2013 nearly exponentially.

Many farmers around the world already use drones to scan and map fields providing in-time data on weather conditions, droughts, plants’ diseases. As well as apply fertilizers and spray plant protection chemicals, enjoying higher speed and economic efficiency compared to traditional technologies. And at the same time decrease the impact on environment due to higher precision and optimization of the amounts of chemicals required for related tasks.

Based on inquiry from startup with strong R&D results, willing to present their products to some of the top Silicon Valley investors, we prepared the market and patent overview report, identified and made a detailed comparison with competing products, summarized patent publication trends and related data, developed patent landscapes.

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