3D printing technologies in construction report


Innolytics for R&D. Over the next two decades, construction of buildings and infrastructure will have a huge infusion of investment caused by environmental problems and the need to accelerate economic development. 3D printing has huge advantages in the field of construction - new forms and possibilities of design, low labour costs, time saving, risks reduction for workers’ health and safety and sustainability of new 3D printing technologies.

Based on the request of our Client, the R&D company that focuses on technology of rapid construction using alternative building materials, we have prepared the detailed patent overview of 3D printers for construction of buildings that use such materials. Based on patent research, we have identified key competitors, competitive technical solutions and the development of start-ups, which only began to enter the market. In the report, we also provided information on types of 3D printing equipment, innovations related to 3D printing technologies and identified market development prospects.

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