OLED - to be or not to be?

Innolytics for R&D. Technological companies are one of the most attractive, but at the same time risky investment objects. Having made a successful investment in public company could bring you tens or even hundreds per cent per annum. The question remains – how to choose suchlike company, identify its growth potential avoiding risks that are quite high for such investments. We tried to find an answer to this question on the example of Universal Display Corporation (UDC) in our common publication with BlackShield Capital and Liga.net. For those who don’t know – it’s UDC’s OLED technology that is used for most displays for premium smartphones manufacturing. They are used by market leaders such as Apple, Samsung and LG.

We thank Black Shield Capital team for cooperation in Universal Display research, and also Andrey Kolodyuk and Mariya Ortynska for the help in comments preparation and Masha Ksondzyk and Evgeny Shishatsky for professionally written article.


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