Interactive Report “Top 100 Most Valuable Patents” Presentation

Kyiv, Ukraine, 27 March, 2019 - Innolytics Group in partnership with law firm Aequo presented Interactive Report “Top 100 most valuable patents with priority in Ukraine, the USA, and EU”. Among speakers were Volodymyr Bandura, Partner and CEO of Innolytics Group, Oleksandr Mamunya, Aequo Partner, Natalia Petrova, Director of Expert Examination at Ukrpatent and Oleksandr Kozyrev, Attorney at Bayer AG. The main aim of the report is to show patents with the highest estimated dollar value and thus to reveal valuable technological areas of each jurisdiction. It allows to track interesting Ukrainian solutions competitive both in Ukraine and abroad. The report can be also used to compare patents value range, to identify the developers of the most valuable patent solutions and their technological focus in analyzed jurisdictions. Patent valuation presented in this report is based on the analytical processing of big data from patents using the PatSnap database. For estimating patent dollar value numerous indicators are taken into account dealing with assignee, market, technology, and legal rating. Among indicators used are assignee quality, community application, R&D strength, the strength of the technology field, technology cycle, transferability, originality and influence, competitive strength, legal status, patent maturity, claim coverage etc. The report provides detailed information on assignees types, top assignees, technological focus (through IPC codes), patent agencies that assisted patent process as well as term clouds based on keywords of the most valuable patents with priorities in UA, EP, and the USA. The list of patents includes patent number, title, and value for each of mentioned jurisdiction and technical aim for patents with priority in Ukraine. Patent landscapes presented in this report outline most valuable patents, top assignees and top technologies in all analyzed jurisdictions. The figures and tables presented are interactive and inter-dependable and change according to the filters you choose, and can also be sorted by criteria presented in headings of respective columns. We are grateful to our audience for sincere interest and active participation in the discussion of the topic issues and speakers for valuable comments. You are welcome to excess a full version of our interactive report by the following the link:

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