What we do?

Innolytics Group provides technology research, forecasting and consultancy services for investments in innovative projects and products, in-depth global competition research, technology scouting and transfer, business transformation. We use big data analysis from patent, technical, commercial data bases and other sources to evaluate technology projects, new products, and solutions in the context of global technological competition and development trends of specific technology areas. If patentability search for a new product or solution shows lack of its novelty in many cases we can advise on how to improve and differentiate such a product to achieve patentability or at least to avoid infringement of existing patents.

We are the development partner of Patsnap Discovery Team and have the full license for Patsnap products, including the Chemical Search. These DBs bases and analytical tools are considered to be one of the best in their class. 


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Semantic Map of 2 competing patents portfolios, (2010-2017 period)
2010- 1700 records, 2017 - 34,200 records, Derwent Innovation Data
Each dot represents one record, landscape - concentration of records in respective conceptual topics in 2017