For investors

Discovering the best opportunities and making successful investment decisions require comprehensive technical and commercial data.


For this purpose, we provide Innolytics for Investors and Market and competitive intelligence to make sure that all the important factors and aspects were considered.


These services can be also provided prior to the main due diligence to expand your possibilities to find hidden gems in the market, saving your time and costs. Or as the second opinion after the main due diligence was done, to make sure it’s conclusions cannot be questioned by previously unconsidered data.

For mid-size and large companies

There are no more “traditional industries” in the world of today.


Disrupt yourself and your industry and win, or be disrupted by others, is the new motto and agenda.


We work for you to identify new possibilities and threats, save your money and valuable time of your team, allow you to achieve more with fewer efforts. To achieve these, we offer Analytical services for Rethinking Business, R&D , Investors, Market and Competitive Intelligence

For Startups and Inventors

It is extremely important to be on the market with the right product and at the right time.


“Trial and error” method of product development requires a lot of time and resources; which startups and individuals most often don’t have.


That is why analytical support of R&D is so crucial to make it fruitful and time and cost efficient. Further, we offer you to identify possibilities fast and assess markets and competition with confidence.


With innovative Market and competitive intelligence, you can target the right markets, tailor your products to avoid legal pitfalls and win the competition.


The abovementioned data is also highly relevant for your potential investors and can make a substantial difference in drawing their interest to your product and project.

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